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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Adam has a great job that he’s passionate about. He’s well compensated but his free time is limited. Adam would love to date, but doesn’t want to go to clubs or bars. He tried online dating sites but he just wasted time emailing back and forth with no results. Adam hears about He signs up and browses profiles. He loves Emma’s profile and decides to send her a first date offer for $150. Done! The whole process takes less than 10 minutes and Adam gets back to work. He checks his e-mail on his way to the gym and finds that Emma accepted his offer. “Awesome!” He suggests they meet up at a charming Italian restaurant downtown… Emma loves exploring new restaurants and is excited about the date! They meet at 8 pm and have a great dinner and an interesting conversation. They have a good time and can’t wait to see each other again. Before saying goodbye, Adam gives Emma an envelope with the $150.

The first date went well. Can I get paid for additional dates with the same Gentleman?

Gentlemen are only required to pay for the first date. What happens on the second date and afterwards is up to both of you. Gentlemen are not expected to pay for any additional dates.

Is sex expected on the first date?

No, sex is not expected on the first date. Our site is a dating website with a twist. We do not promote any escort or illegal services. Our service provides an easy way for successful men to take beautiful women on dates. It is up to both of you whether or not you'd like to meet again and what direction your relationship will go.

When I met the Lady or Gentleman in person she or he didn't look anything like in their photos.

We encourage our users to post only their most recent photos. If you go out on a date with a person and that person looks completely different than on the profile photo, you have the right to confront them about it and leave the date immediately. Please let us know by clicking on the "Report" button on their profile. We will investigate. However, please consider that photos taken by a professional photographer may be retouched and the look of the person may differ to a significant degree from the look of the person in real life.

Is online dating with your service safe?

Online dating is generally safe as long as your first date is in a public place with plenty of people, such as a restaurant, a bar, or a coffee shop. Please use common sense and build trust and rapport before you spend your time in private with the person you met online.

How do I file a complaint against a user?

- Open the profile for the user in question.

- Click "Report". A complaint form will appear.

- Fill out and submit the form providing as much details as possible. Please be objective.

Why was my account suspended?

There are several reasons why a user's account may be suspended:

- User posted inappropriate content or photos.

- User violated our Terms of Use.

- User prompted the algorithmic security system response.

- Sending the same message to an excessive number of other users

- Sending an excessive number of messages or offers in a 24-hr interval

- Exceeding daily messaging limit

We use automatic security algorithms to identify various kinds of threats to our users. It is programmed to respond to actions that may signal malicious use of our website. We used an array of factors for our security system to consider. Unfortunately, no system is perfect and every now and then our security app suspends legitimate users.

How can I restore my account after suspension?

One of our team members will review the suspended account within 24 hours of suspension. If we find that a user's account was suspended in error, If the suspension was erroneous, we will restore the account immediately. To check whether your account was restored, simply try to login.

If you still cannot login after 48 hours, and you believe that your suspension was wrongful, please contact customer support.

The Gentleman did not pay me for the date. What do I do?

When you agreed to go on a date with a Gentleman, both of you have entered a binding contract. If you spent at least an hour on the date and the Gentleman does not pay you for the date or only pays you a portion of what is due, he may be held accountable. You can take your complaint to the small claims court. Make sure you save receipts, communication and any other evidence that you went on the first date as scheduled. Although we are not responsible for agreements made between our members, these agreements are binding and the documentation may be used in court.

What do I do if the Gorgeous Lady was a no-show for our date?

If your date was a no-show, please click on "Report" on her profile and provide our staff with an explanation of the situation. While we cannot take any legal action against the offending user, our security team can investigate the account in question and limit the user's access to the website while we investigate. Please note that we will not delete any accounts until our investigation is complete and conclusive.

I am being harassed by a member. What do I do?

Whether a member stole from you, harassed you or hurt you in some way, contact your local law enforcement agency immediately. We will promptly release all of the necessary information upon receiving police or government request and authorization.

Can't find an answer to your question?

Please contact customer support and we will be happy to assist you.